Your Massage

How would you like your Focused Massage?

  • You may wish your massage to Focus on one area during full body massage.
  • You may ask for your massage to be on back of your body.
  • All of your massage back and shoulders
  • How would you like your massage to be Focused?

Back Massage

Focus on upper/mid/lower back as part of a full body massage. Would you like to feel taller, be more flexible by releasing tension? So much more can be achieved than through conventional massage and all pain free. Free up not only your back also your whole energy.

Shoulder Massage

Focus on your shoulders as part of a full body massage or a back massage. Releasing your shoulders feeling profoundly uplifted a liberating experience.

Massage Tailored to You

As part of your body massage what would you like the Focus on – a specific area, back, shoulders, neck, legs, feet, arms and hands?

Every Focused Massage is tailored to you.

Here are some of the questions I am most often asked by clients

What should I wear for my massage? Do I need to be naked?
Typically, I advise you to undress down to your underwear. Ladies should remove their bra to allow me to work on your back and shoulders without getting massage oil on your bra and so you are comfortable. The massage therapist will leave the room while you undress. You then cover yourself with a towel (which I provide) for privacy before inviting me back into the room.

How will I get the best result from my massage.
Communication is key to a massage that gives you a great massage. Before we begin, tell me if there is anything particular you’d like me to work on – which can be physical (tight areas or lack of flexibility) or mental (stress or tension). If you have an injury or chronically tight or painful muscles be sure to make sure I am aware of it before the start of the session.

What if I feel soreness or pain during a massage?
A massage should be comfortable. If you find the pressure is too intense or are in pain, tell me immediately. Pain during a massage is not the best way to relax and that reduced the benefits.

  • Be sure to speak-up during a massage if you:
  • Feel too hot or cold
  • Have a question about the massage
  • Forgot to mention a health concern before we started.

What if I am ticklish?
Lots of people are! Just let me know before we begin.

Should I talk during the massage?
You’ll get greater benefit from massage by taking some quiet time. This allows you to relax more fully.

What if I fall asleep?
It is quite common for clients to drift into a light sleep. It shows that you are relaxed and comfortable and I don’t mind a bit.

I’m worried I might snore when I have a massage
Some clients occasionally snore. It doesn’t matter and I won’t tell anyone.

What if I need to go to the bathroom during a massage?
It is best to go to the bathroom before your massage but if you need to pee during your massage, just let me know. ‘Holding it’ for the duration of the massage is neither comfortable nor relaxing and you get the best results by being relaxed.

What if I need to pass gas?
It is far better to pass gas during a massage (often a sign you are relaxed) than clench to hold it in. Passing gas during a massage is normal and nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Should I shave my legs before a massage?
I am not at all bothered if there is hair on your legs. Shaving your legs on the same day of your massage, however, can cause soreness as your newly-shaved skin can be sensitive. If you use hair-removal creams, there is a (small) risk of the chemicals causing irritation so these should be avoided.

What should I do after the massage?
To gain maximum benefits from your massage, take time to rest and drink plenty water – this helps flush away toxins. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco for at least 24 hours to assist your body’s natural healing process.

I feel sore after my massage
You should not be surprised if you are a little sore for a day or two after your massage. Focussed massage brings oxygen to not-often used muscles and can make them feel sore. Sometimes, areas where there are knots or tightness, we have worked on can be a little sensitive for a while. If you have any concerns, you can always ring me to set your mind at ease.