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    I have had many massages with David and would not go to anyone else now. He is very professional and really discusses with you what you want from the massage so he can concentrate on any problem areas or simply give a relaxing treatment. I suffer a lot with aching and knots around my neck and shoulder area and I can really feel the difference and the tension eased after having a treatment with David. I look forward to my next visit.

    Amanda Davies

    I would like to personal thank you for the massage I had received. I was looked after by you meeting me at the reception and then having a consultation on what I wanted out of the massage and what type of massage I would like.

    Now I use my shoulders and neck I do like a hard massage and believe me I did get a deep massage!! But I must say the next day I did feel move movement and over the weekend that in turn improved my golf!! Yippee ….. Fore!!!!!

    I can’t thank you enough and would highly recommend David, he looks after you from start to finish and I felt very relaxed. Thank you very much David,

    Philip Eke

    When my partner bought me voucher to go and see David for a massage I was slightly sceptical to whether his hands free method would work or whether it was a “gimmick”.

    Yet, David took the time to speak with me before my massage as to gather though information as to any ailments and then I found his method of massage extremely effective as unlikely other massages I have had, David did not put pressure on the point of pain and inflame it further. Using is forearms he massaged the area surrounding the area of discomfort and this alleviated the tenseness.

    As well David unique technique what I also liked was the fact that during the massage unlike other masseurs I have been to, he did not chat incessantly. As well as easing my aches and pains, I was able to relaxed and enjoy the peace and quiet.
    I would have no hesitation recommending David and will look to use his services regularly in the future

    Emma Butcher

    After mentioning to Jennifer Shw about an aching back I was suffering with she kindly referred me to David Young. David was very welcoming and professional. He quickly went through the necessities before starting with the Massage. It was a very different to any other massage I had had, but it certainly achieved what I was hoping for. It was extremely relaxing and calming and when I left I almost felt as though I was walking on air.

    Karen Stone


    Dear David Following my son Andrew’s recent visit to you for a massage, we are delighted to write you the following testimonial:

    For the last three years Andrew has been working long hours in the catering industry, in highly pressurised kitchens. Having spent three months in London working in Michelin starred restaurants he came back to Suffolk having been working 80-100 hours a week often with less than 5 hours sleep a night. He was completely “wound up”, both physically and mentally, and very short tempered with everyone around him.

    Having had a massage with you myself, I recommended that he came for a session with you. He had never had a massage before, and was unsure what to expect. He tells me that you immediately put him at ease, and said how wonderful it was to be on the receiving end of an hour of TLC in a peaceful and calming environment. It was just what he needed to trigger the start of his unwinding, and from my point of view, he has certainly been easier to live with since he came to see you.

    Thank you for restoring a degree of calm to our household.

    Ruth and Andrew Wailes

    I met David at a Networking event, I had never heard of NO HANDS® massage, and wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought it sounded interesting. Having had many different types of massage I was keen to find out what this was all about. David took time asking questions about what I wanted from the massage and how I wanted to feel, something I had never been asked before. He didn’t ask about any problems, but I felt that during the massage he instantly picked up on some problem areas. I was also asked about what intensity and depth of massage I wanted and if I wanted flowing or slow. The whole experience was very relaxing, because the hands are not used I felt it covered a wider area. It wasn’t painful, but afterwards I felt invigorated with a warmth flowing through the areas massaged. I would certainly recommend David, he puts you at ease and takes the time and trouble to find out exactly what you require and expect from the massage


    David puts me in a place where I can have an hour to myself, an hour where I can focus on what I need to; this allows me to relax my mind and my body. David’s massage techniques refresh and revitalise the body with out the drained, beaten up feeling that other forms of massages give you. The positive affects of my monthly massage can be felt for weeks after, in body and mind


    After suffering an injury to my shoulder in January that had not healed by mid February, my first port of call was my osteopath. This is the guy I turn to whenever the pain from longterm back problems prevents me from working comfortably or my builders body complains about the repetitive and heavy work I expect it to perform.
    My shoulder was not healing by mid March I went for consultation with Dave at Focused Massage. Dave conducted a pre-treatment interview and afterwards suggested that a deep tissue massage would offer relief.
    He was correct. The massage was intense but comfortable at all times. Since my massage I have noticed significant improvements; the pain in my injured shoulder has reduced and the range of movement is easier. My uninjured, my neck and back all feel freer and more able to perform tasks that previously caused discomfort.
    I am very grateful to Dave at Focused Massage and would definitely recommend the brilliant service

    Darren Greenacre

    Just a brief note to say thank you for the various massages you have provided since you have started working in the area.
    I find it really relaxing and a perfect end to a week work and start to the weekend.
    I have no hesitation recommending your service.


    While racing my Rookie Rod Car at Swaffham Raceway last year I crashed into concrete post causing injury to my upper body in the process. I have regularly suffered pain in my neck and back and every morning my right arm takes longer than the rest of my body to wake up and get going. I’ve also had restricted movement in that same arm.
    Since the accident I have had massage treatments from other practitioners that have brought some minor improvements but nothing significant. However I was completely amazed with how great I felt following your treatment. My neck and back has loosened up so much and I could move my arm in ways that I haven’t been able for the last year. I even felt a lot lighter on my feet like I was walking on a cloud!
    I am so pleased I was introduced to you and can’t wait for my next massage.


    I recently came to you with shoulder complaint, from previous work injury. I was unable to use my right arm fully without discomfort. You advised me on what treatment I required. You began your treatment which was very relaxing. I was asked a few days later how the treatment went and then realised I hadn’t given it a second thought. The pain in my shoulder had disappeared and hasn’t returned. Thank you for providing a professional and effective service.
    I won’t hesitate to forward your details to others with the highest of recommendations and will continue to use your services for the foreseeable future.


    It has occurred to me that I have never formally thanked you for everything you have done for me.
    As you know, I had to retire early from work because of stress. My doctor had advised me that my blood pressure was through the roof and I was in imminent danger of having a stroke. I had to monitor my blood pressure 5 times a day and if it exceeded a certain reading on two consecutive occasions, I had to get to hospital without delay.
    My doctor had little advice – apart from pills; whereas my husband suggested that I might benefit from a session of massages. He knew of you from BNI and the Referral Institute. My doctor said I had little options and that it was worth a try.
    From the very first consultation I have to admit that one each and every massage I have had, my blood pressure was reduced dramatically. The professional presentation of each massage, the variety of different techniques has certainly contributed to my wellbeing.
    I believe that your massage services have possibly saved my life!
    Since then I am pleases to acknowledge that I have had over 60 sessions with you. Some therapeutic, some holistic and more often these days, just relaxing “me” time.
    I cannot find the right words to express how much your massages have helped me.
    It has been a privilege to have got to know you and to experience the range of different massages you offer.

    Kathryn from Thetford

    As you are aware I recently attended your clinic for a series of treatments due to an extremely uncomfortable back pain that was so intense that it made sleeping difficult.
    For the initial treatment you worked on my self-diagnosis of the issue. This resulted in only a slight improvement which turned out only temporary.

    Prior to my second treatment you took the time to ask questions of me with (no doubt) the result of the initial treatment in mind. You quickly and professionally determined that in fact the issue was not my back, but my leg. As a result of favouring the leg, it consequently impacted my back.
    Over the course of the next two treatments you evaluated and compared the condition of both legs along with my back and applied treatment according to your professional judgement. The outcome was simply a fully recovery from the problem that was giving me not only discomfort but also a significant amount of anxiety.
    Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for your thorough and professional approach to diagnosing the issue and in turn the application of a thoroughly effective treatment resulting in full recovery.


    I would just like to say thank you for your expert and professional service. Never having a massage for ongoing aches and pains I would like to say that after just one session with you I am feeling much more comfortable and feel less tense across my shoulders. I look forward to booking another session with you in the time frame as we discussed.
    I would also like to say that I will gladly recommend your skills to anybody I hear complaining about their aches, pains and discomfort.
    Thank you once again


    Re: You are some kind of magician?
    I wanted to personally thank you for the miracle of your healing hands! I came in to youa quivering wreck after completing charity ride of 300 miles with severe back and shoulder pain. You took the time to find out my ailments, areas causing me problems and what I was looking to achieve from my session. At the end of the session you advised me what to expect within the next 24 hours and gave me very helpful advice on hydration and recuperation.
    After just one session I felt a different person and certainly looked like one in the way I walked! I could not praise your advice, professionalism and indeed the massage itself highly enough and will be recommending you to anybody who is in need of any form of help or just relaxation.
    Thank you again for everything you have done, I look forward to not only using your services again but confidently recommending you to anybody who may be in need of your services.


    As a fully trained holistic massage therapist; David had a lot to live up to as my expectations are very high knowing the profession as do.
    David asked what I wanted from the massage session and how I wanted to feel afterwards. My answer being to relieve the tension in my back and to feel much lighter afterwards. David knew exactly what I meant by this.
    David also had the green light to work into my muscles with a promise that I would let him know if this became painful.
    After warming up the muscles and areas he needed to work on and despite the deep massage I was able to relax.
    At the end of the massage not only did I know that the knots in my back had been worked out. I also was very relaxed and felt ‘much lighter’ as I had requested.
    David is very professional. Knowledgeable and excellent massage therapist and I will not hesitate to recommend him.

    Tracey from Norfolk

    I wanted to say a big thank you to David for his professionalism, enthusiasm, patience, honest friendly service when I attended a massage appointment.
    I did not know what to expect, well I thought I would just go in and lay down immediately on a bed and have a massage. How wrong was I. David took the time to know what I wanted out of the massage, how I was feeling at that present time and how I would like to feel after the massage. David asked various questions, which really made me stop and think.
    It was great to think David was taking a holistic approach. The massage was very powerful and I was actually relaxing which is quite unusual for me. I also did not realise how many knots I had in my back and shoulders.
    After the massage I massage I did feel drained but my head was clear for the first time in months. My time with David made me realise I do not give myself ME time, I am constantly going from one job to another, which has now made me address my life style. As David made me realise the importance of relaxation.
    David you certainly delivered a result for me.
    I would highly recommend your services to everyone and will certainly be booking in for another appointment.

    Vicky from Norfolk

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for looking after me.
    As you know my doctors have advised me that I must find ways of relaxing and slowing down the pace of life because of my extremely high blood pressure.
    After getting reassurance from my doctor that I could actually have massage therapy, my husband then arranged a course of treatments with you.
    It is not often I can say this, but it was one of the best presents he has ever given me.
    Your sessions are not just about massage’ it goes deeper than that. The consultation process, the advice and most importantly your reassurance has given me more confidence but above all, brings my blood pressure down every time.
    I feel safe and secure in your hands and I just wanted to let you know that your treatment plan has changed my life.
    I cannot thank you enough, suffice it to say that I have booked a weekly session for the foreseeable future.


    I would like to take this opportunity to say to David Young of Focused Massage, ’thank you’ for the massages service you provide me.
    Once a month I enjoy time and space where it is ‘just me’ in your environment where all is restful and peaceful.
    I cannot recommend enough that people taking time out of their daily lives to be relaxed by the calm massage given by David. I feel the rewards of time out. After my massage, I feel my wellbeing and my focus are totally refreshed and invigorated.
    Recommending you to my clients, associates and family is simple. Wishing you continued success and growth in your business.

    Phil Burton

    I would like to thank David for his attention to client’s requirements. I put a lot of stress on my body, I am reminded I am no longer 24. I had a problem with my elbow, but with David’s experience he noticed neck, shoulders and upper arm were also a contributing factor, after 3 massage sessions I was more than happy with a massive difference in my neck and shoulder movement and with additional manipulation an improvement in my elbow.
    I can highly recommend David for his knowledge and experience.
    Looking forwards to re-booking for regular body wellbeing

    I can highly recommend David

    As a businessman I get a lot of stress in my days. I tend to carry that stress in the muscles of my back. As such I am subjected to a lot of miscellaneous aches and pains that come with an unnatural mixture of a sedentary life and perpetual muscle tension. In addition, I do not have much time to myself so, and time off I take needs to be strictly well spent.

    In short, I need a masseuse. Not just any masseuse, but one that can be targeted, efficient and effective and that is why I see David Young of Focused massage.

    There is not much that I need to say about David’s methods rather I should focus on the results of our sessions. After a massage from David –

    • I walk more freely,
    • I feel more relaxed
    • Even my sleep improved

    I am less stressed, more productive, and probably a better employer too.
    I have had several massage therapists in the past, but I had never encountered a massage technique that involved the use of the forearms. This has changed the way that I look at massage because the range of techniques, pressures, and movements that David is able to incorporate into his treatments leads to a wholly detailed methodology.

    David has a clinical approach to his massage, probably a welcome legacy of his years of training in healthcare, and his approach lends itself to a noticeably directed technique and results-based attitude.
    I will not hesitate to recommend David Young and I suggest that if you are feeling the stresses and strains of working life that you book yourself a consultation today.


    I feel more relaxed

    It has been around 6 months now since I have started booking appointments with you for a massage, during this period I have to report that the aches and pains normally felt within my lower back are disappearing. With guidance from yourself during consultation and regular treatments I feel that you have successfully reduced my discomfort.


    Being extremely busy I have listened to your advice and found time to book a massage with your help reduced the stresses and strains put upon myself.

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your work to anybody I hear in need of a massage. I will continue to help you to find regular clients you are looking for at The Diss Park Hotel and wish you every success with your business.


    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your work

    After listening to your recent talk, I recognised how our busy lives and repetitive work actions all take a toll on our bodies. You explained the importance of taking action to counter-balance these effects so that we keep our bodies in good condition so we can continue to do the things we like to do – now and in the future.

    As a painter, my shoulders get a lot of work and strain, so, I decided to book a massage with you to give them some attention. My car gets an MOT and service once a year – which is more attention than I give myself!

    The hour of focussed massage was so beneficial – not only for my shoulders but also for my mind. I came away feeling refreshed.

    I now plan to invest in myself on a regular basis and take time out of my busy work schedule to take care of myself.

    I am more than happy to recommend you to friends, family and acquaintances.

    Thank you again.


    Thank you again

    I would like to thank you for the massage you provided for Hilda. Having suffered from severe shoulder pain for a couple of years due to previous employment, despite looking forwards to the massage. Hilda was slightly apprehensive to say the least. The apprehension immediately dissipated when you can to meet us in the car park and helped us in.

    Your explanation prior to the massage and gentle demeanour quickly set Hilda’s mind as ease and she loved the treatment. The next day were as you suggested quite uncomfortable but within three days. Hilda told me the pain subsided and her shoulder was on longer aching, nor has it since. Prior to the treatment Hilda had been receiving physio and exercising with little benefit and had resigned to the fact that this was something that she would have to cope with on an ongoing basis.

    We are both extremely grateful for your help as this has improved her wellbeing and comfort tremendously, making our personal lives, work and even managing the heat press at Peels4U now something Hilda able to do comfortably.

    Your approachable professionalism makes you both a great ambassador for BNI Mere and sets you apart from others in your field. Thank you, David,

    I highly recommend Focused massage to all.


    I highly recommend Focused massage to all

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